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Subject: relationship
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dancun 14.12.10 - 04:24pm
I dated this chick while in high school that was like 7years ago,now this chick came back from nowhere with a baby and claims am the one she really loved.and wants me to marry her.what do you guyz think is she for reall? *

kmburu 18.12.10 - 04:41pm
Hi,do u still love her? if yes then go on and if no, tell her the truth. *

woodiee 3.02.11 - 07:07am
Follow ur h@ n dnt 4get 2 use ur head neva enta in2 samthn u r nt sure abt *

ignny 7.02.11 - 10:39pm
Woodie u r jus lyk nike,'tick!' *

johnie14 4.04.11 - 11:23am
I believe no if she loved u why did she get a baby n she wasn't raped.aaaaih true love waits. *

jostoh 4.05.11 - 07:10pm
That gal doesn't luv u,she just lookn 4 xam1 2 feed her toi *

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